Signmaking in Hailsham since 1995

We are the one-stop-shop for signs, displays and printing.

Custom signmaking service including design, fitting and maintenance.


The Sign Shop is run by a qualified Product Designer whose career experience includes Retail, Exhibition and Graphic Design. Therefore whatever design challenge may present itself The Sign Shop can easily provide the perfect solution – be it a bespoke sign, an eye-catching display, or perhaps an unusual printed item.


Our well equipped workshop enables us to manufacture a lot of what we design. However, since we pride ourselves on always being able to provide the best and most appropriate design solutions, we don’t restrict our customers to only what we produce ourselves. Several specialist manufacturers supply us with their products, so we are able to offer our customers a very wide range of excellent sign and display designs.


One of our strengths is our ability and willingness to provide a first rate fitting service however demanding the job may be. Unlike some rather ‘desk-bound’ sign companies we are fully prepared to dig holes, mix concrete, erect scaffolding, carry out electrical work, hire a cherry-picker, or do whatever else it might take to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.


Much of what we supply is virtually maintenance-free. Perhaps an occasional wash-down is all that’s ever needed. However, if a sign gets vandalised for example, or an old lightbox needs a new fluorescent tube, all it takes is a phone call or email for us to spring into action! There’s no call out charge. We’ll assess what’s required, quote a sensible price and carry out the remedial work with the same degree of professionalism as we’d devote to a new sign job.

Call 01323 846080 for advice or contact us